An early prototype of a retro space shooter game.

Left Click to  Shoot/Move

Collect Items to unlock upgrades

Equip upgrades by selecting them in the main menu or game over screen and then pressing either W or E on your keyboard

Switch between upgrades by pressing W or E and switch back to the primary weapon by pressing Q

Toggle the shield by pressing the button it's equipped to

To use the blink ability, press the button it's equipped to when the blink indicator is visible

Press P to pause

Install instructions

  • Extract the zip file
  • Run the executable named "nw"


Retrospace 7.1 168 MB
Retrospace 7.1 Mac 91 MB
Retrospace 7.1 152 MB

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Not bad! Some of the SFX could use a little more bass tho. Did you make this in Construct 2?


Hey, thanks! Yes I did make it in Construct 2, and I couldn't really find sounds that were fitting. Anyway, every asset is subject to change, so it will be better soon!